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About 25 Pictures / 25 Stories

When we were children, illustrated stories transported us to wonderful places and taught us important life lessons. When we grew up, we “graduated” to other story forms—movies, television, the Internet. With 25 Pictures/25 Stories, Steve Gottlieb resurrects this art form for adult audiences—businesses, government entities, non-profits. His true stories, illustrated with his vibrant photographs, have been collected from travels through all fifty states and abroad…and from life in his own neighborhood. His stories—filled with joy, poignancy, and humor—softly convey universal messages about creativity, collaboration, serendipity, risk-taking and much more.

After conferring with each client, Steve customizes presentations by selecting from his extensive “library” of pictures and stories those twenty-five that he believes are best suited to the group. Presentations are generally one-hour (+/-).

About the Storyteller/Photographer

Steve Gottlieb’s career has included stints as lawyer, senior corporate manager, photographer, author, photography workshop founder/instructor, and nationally ranked tennis player. In his youth, Steve spent years as a model, appearing as the central character in five photo-illustrated children's books.

Steve is a graduate of Columbia University College and Law School. He practiced environmental law in private firms and the federal government, where he served as Assistant General Counsel of the Office of Management and Budget. He then became Environmental Director of the United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation. In these positions, he represented major corporations, shaped corporate policies, testified before congressional committees and served on White House task forces.  In a mid-life career shift, Steve became a professional photographer, producing advertising and annual report images for a long list of Blue Chip clients including Chase Bank, IBM, NASDAQ and Pfizer. He is the photographer/writer of six coffee-table books, including American Icons, Washington: Portrait of a City, and Abandoned America; the latter was selected "Gift Book of the Year" by both People magazine and USA Today. Reviewing his Washington book, Shutterbug magazine stated: “Gifted photographer and author Steve Gottlieb has created another inspiring book.” In 2003, Eastman Kodak designated Steve one of six "World-Class Kodak Professional Icons." ( In 2005, Steve established and teaches at Horizon Photography Workshops, which American Photo magazine recognized as one of the "12 Outstanding Travel Workshops in the United States." ( Steve is also founder and President of VisionMining; he leads workshops that use point-and-shoot cameras as a tool to enhance creativity and innovation for individuals, teams and organizations. (

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