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Assistant Director
Extras Casting Associate
Breadwin Productions LLC

"Yard Sale 411"

Assisted in Casting Extras for Various Film Projects and Mini-Series

 Sara Elizabeth Gaydash                       Sara Elizabeth Gaydash
"The World Wars"                                   "The World Wars"

Sara Elizabeth Gaydash
"The World Wars"

                                 Ward Ferguson                                          Noah Moore
    "House of Cards"                                    "House of Cards"

                                  Wally Hughes                               John Kiernan
   "The World Wars"                          "The World Wars"
                                "House of Cards"
                                    Alex Alexander                                 Johnna Leary
                                   "The World Wars"                            "The World Wars"
                        John Marshall Cheatwood                        Michael Garvey
                                "The World Wars"                                "The World Wars"
           Charles Harris                                          Bryan Alan Cox
                       "The World Wars"                                      "The World Wars"

                               Kelsey Pope                                             Hannah Sachs
                             "Yard Sale 411"                                           "Yard Sale 411"
                              Ryan Schmelz                                    Dave Schiff
                           "The World Wars"                              " The World Wars
                             "Yard Sale 411"



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