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Warrenton Ballet Company

Warrenton Ballet Company is a community-wide, not-for-profit dance company whose mission is to provide concert performance opportunities on a pre-professional level to aspiring dancers throughout Fauquier County, Virginia; to share with the community opportunities to appreciate dedicated and talented dance artists; and to promote broader awareness and appreciation for dance, dance education, and all the disciplines of the performng arts.  This summer dancers in the Warrenton Ballet Company will travel to London to perform in events associated with the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Jane Franklin Dance

Crosses disciplines in partnership with music, media, visual artists and community participants

Jane Franklin Dance celebrates movement and makes dance accessible to a wide range of audiences through public performances, community engagement, dance education, and collaborations with artists from other disciplines. Providing an invaluable social, physical and creative exchange, Jane Franklin Dance bridges the gap between age, culture and even language to unite people through movement. Whether on stage, outdoors, in the classroom, or at a neighborhood gathering, Jane Franklin Dance  shares collective experience

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